April 15th 4AM

Fortune favors fools.

It's clear that I survived, as I'm writing this right now. Another survivor was not so lucky. I am atop the roof again, trembling, listening to the chewing. No sleep will be had tonight.

To clarify the exact situation of my last entry, I wrestled myself into deciding on the fact that I would raid the building that is below me. Despite the what I said in my other entry.

What a stupid fucking decision.

I climbed down the ladder that leads to the top of the roof. No Zed were in sight. I figured," Screw it, I don't see any Zed, why go looking for food? There's no doubt food in this building." I wonder how many survivors have succumbed to the same logic as me.  I snuck around the front of the building, and entered. Pitch black doesn't even begin to describe the vile darkness that surrounded me. The smell was...jarring. It cut through the darkness. With one sense, sight, not in use, smell was accentuated.  My eyes watered, obscuring any vision I had left. Even with this smell I didn't lose my appetite, proof of the sheer desperate feeling of hunger I had. I moved forward into the darkness, keeping my ears open. Sound was on my side, as I could here a pin drop in this silent hallway. If there were Zed i'd have a fantastical sound warning. As I proceeded down the long hallway, I noticed the end of it held a staircase that was flooded with light from windows. Well, flooded in that darkness means flecks of light seeping through a window.  Various doors lined the walls. I decided to quietly open a random door and check for supplies.

As I opened a door, light from a window cast ominous shadows around what appeared to be a dorm room.

A college...

No human figures, just beds and various items. I closed the door behind me, and began searching.

Jackpot, worth it's weight in gold: An entire case of Ramen noodles. I just needed water, which was generally easier to find than non-perishable foods nowadays. It was atop a shelf. I reached up and grabbed it, but fuck. I knocked a glass off the shelf.

The sound that followed sliced through the silence that masked my position. The glass shattered upon hitting the floor. Then, almost instantaneously, shouting. Not human, but Zed. Twenty, at least. Nearby too. It was like I had awoken the demons of hell. I ran towards the window and to my dismay, it was barred. Who fucking puts bars outside a college window?

With all my strength I tore the room apart creating a barrier behind the thick wooden, now locked, door. Fists slammed upon the door...for hours.

That's when I decided to write my goodbye. What happened next was....well.

I'd rather let my mind cool. Tomorrow, or today I suppose, I will write more.

April 15th, 12AM

I'm trapped. This might be my last journal entry. Stupid. I'm so fucking stupid. I decided to try to raid the building. Why? Why did I think this would work?

To whomever finds this. Good luck.

-Gabriel Tranas

April 13, 3PM

Today was mostly spent recovering from the miles I walked yesterday, I also had to climb up this building via ladder. My legs are utterly killing me, luckily the food I gathered at my previous residence is enough to sustain me until I can pull myself together to go hunting tommorow.

The familiar stench of death hangs in the air, seeping from the windows beneath me. Muffled groans can be heard from cracked windows. It is a terrible experience being up here now. Knowing that below my feet, tens, or even hundreds, of Zed are lurking. I dare not enter the building, even if copious amounts of food and ammunition are there. I will surely be torn to shreds before I can even open a door. Some food is not worth ones life. The Maloan Caravan taught me that lesson.

Enough writing for today, I wish to stare at the clouds and rest my body and mind for the work I have to do tomorrow.

April 13 1:24(?) AM

No sleep tonight. I'm exhausted and my eyes are faltering, but my mind refuses to ease. I've trekked at least fifteen miles today. My feet sting with blisters and my legs are exhausted. I avoided all Zed that I could. I did have to use one round... My guess is that I have about five shots left. I've learned from the dead, always save a bullet.

April 12, 2042 10:47 PM

Not much to say. The amount of blood downstairs is staggering. I've used several more bullets, something i'm not proud I let myself do. More zed will be here tomorrow. Unfortunately it might be time to move. The stench coming from downstairs is nearly unbearable and I won't be able to burn em without attracting at least a hundred walkers. Anyway, I should sleep. I got one hell of a big day tomorrow.

April 12, 2042 9:14 AM

Nightmares ravaged my sleep again last night. The couple who held this journal were there. As were several other suicides that I have encountered...Including my wife. I was alone in a bar. I sat on a bar stool talking to a bartender that was there only metaphysically. I heard the shriek. A shriek that I have heard many times before. The sound that someone makes when getting bit. The shriek that torments me more than the souls of the undead that creep beneath me. The shriek that summarizes what no human can verbalize with words. It's a combination of horror, sadness, and a sense of loss. Instantly knowing as the teeth sink into your arm, that you are going to die. No fuckin matter what you do. No amputation, no medicine.

Many believe that they will go into a "berserker" like rage when they get bit, going out on a blaze of glory. That's not the situation. 9/10 bite victims I've encountered lose themselves before the infection even takes over. They are a shell of themselves. Crouched down in the fetal position, with inevitable tears stinging their eyes.

I heard the shriek and spun around. The bar no longer had tables. The floor was taken up with the bite victims i've seen, not the blaze of glory type. Sobs of pain and loss engulfed the room. I couldn't hear myself think. I stood up from my bar stool, and without thinking, waded into the mass of victims. They ignored me, they were solely focused on what afflicted them. Various gunshots began to surface from the crowd. With each gunshot the crying grew dimmer. I waded further and further into the crowd. Soon, there were no gunshots, and no sobs. Just death. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I was no longer in a bar. I was in a white room, unable to move. My wife sat curled in a ball in the corner wearing that same damn t-shirt and...she...

She asked me, "Why?". I couldn't move. I was completely paralyzed. "Why?!" She wailed again. A gun materialized in her hand. She shook her head disappointingly. She rose the gun to her temple, and with the gunshot I startled myself awake. I was drenched in sweat.

 I can't lose my sanity. Keep the body moving. Don't think about the past. I will write again before the night ends.

I love you, my beautiful wife.

April 12, 2042 5:45 PM

Today was better. I awoke to stomach pangs that I haven't felt in a long time. All fluid and food that was left in my body had been thrown up last night. As I rose I was incredibly light headed, and not ready to fight the Zed that were, more than likely, in the downstairs of my current residence. So, I decided to sneak instead. Unfortunately my quiver was long out of arrows and I absolutely needed some protein. So reluctantly I grabbed my hunting rifle. Sneaking requires little physical strength, but my wits to be fully about me. I climbed out of my roost and snuck around the Zed that were infesting the area. There were five, I was correct in predicting the gunshots would attract them.

As I scanned my perimeter I noticed a bird, I'm not sure what type, possibly a chickadee, hiding in the trees above. Finding game bigger than your fist is beyond rare. The Maloan Caravan has taken most from this area of the Northeast. I successfully nicked it with a bullet from my pistol. It fell to the ground lifeless. I grabbed it and put it in my coat pocket. I had to move quickly before the Zed at my encampment encroached my position. As I traversed my way back to the rooftop, I noticed a large chunk of berries. I grabbed and pocketed them as well. No eating before validation. One more mistake and I was a dead man.

I climbed atop the roof I am currently residing on, vowing to clean the Zed that were several feet beneath me tomorrow. As I write now, I am eating the bird raw, similar to the way one would eat an apple. I wouldn't dare start a fire; especially with the amount of dead already in my immediate proximity. The berries turned out to not be poisonous and I ate the bushel in one bite. So now I let my body recover, feeling far better than I did the last couple days. Tomorrow I will have to deal with the threat below.

April 11, 2042 9:12 PM

The mission for food was a failure, I am currently nurished less than I was earlier. While I was avoiding a small group of Zed I stumbled on a small patch of berries. Not even thinking I grabbed some...

Shit. I'm still feeling the effects now. It was European Holly. Being the idiot that I am, I didn't chek what kind of berries they were. I can hardly see the page that I am writng on right now. I have to gather myself, if I don't find some small nourishment I'm a dead man. You might find this journal sooner than expected.

April 11, 2042 12:12 PM

Several zed had breached the downstairs of the house I'm currently residing in. Nothing unusual. I dispatched them quickly. Two rounds were used; this gun is much louder than I'm used to. Zed will have heard the shots. More will show up tomorrow. As of now I'm going hunting, I haven't had fair nourishment in...36 hours.